March at One to One

February 23, 2009


March 5th – Fais Do-Do

One to One Studio will host a free dance lesson Thursday, March 5th from 8 to 10 PM. Catherine Bishop will teach the Cajun two-step, waltz, and the Virginia reel. Come get your moves ready for March 14th.


March 12- Beautiful Bells w/ Mr Nick and Skipp Coon


The Jackson Arts Collective and One to One Studios Present:

Fais do-do!

Saturday, March 14th, One to One Studios will host a vibrant display of fiddle-driven dance music. From 8:30 PM until the dancers drop, three Jackson string bands and one Cajun band from Lafayette, Louisiana will crank out high-energy music that will entice people to fill the fabulous dance floor at One to One Studios.

Fais do-do is a Cajun French term for public dance party. With the help of some friends from Louisiana, One to One Studios will be transformed into a pulsing fais do-do all night! The Vrai Boys feature two young, phenomenal Cajun musicians backed by a strong rhythm section. Matthew Doucet is the son of Louisiana music giant Michael Doucet from the band Beau Soleil. Following in the footsteps of his father, Matthew is making a name for himself in the Louisiana music community with his vivacious fiddle style. Accordion ace Horace Trahan shares the front of the stage with Doucet and infuses tasteful melody with a strong rhythmic drive.

Tommy Bryan Leford, co-creator of Thacker Mountain Radio, will present his newest Jackson based band, The Dixie Nationals. The Scramblers will add their variety of local-flavored dance tunes powered by the sultry and wild fiddling of Jack Magee, who was recently added to the Mississippi Folk Art Directory. The Hot Tamales will round out the fun with their blend of rich harmonies and eclectic instrumentation. The Tamales are a six-piece, all girl band that brings together some of the most talented female musicians in Mississippi.

In conjunction with the event, One to One Studio will host a free dance lesson Thursday, March 5th from 8 to 10 PM. Catherine Bishop will teach the Cajun two-step, waltz, and the Virginia reel.

The Jackson Arts Collective is made up of visual artists, musicians, writers, poets, and everyone in between. Its goal is to work in the Jackson metropolitan area in conjunction with the city and local organizations to promote local artists. The Collective is always seeking to increase exposure of artists through hosting events highlighting Jackson’s artistic diversity.

When it comes to liveliness and material these four bands are inexhaustible. The show starts at 8:30 and there will be music ringing through the night as long as there are dancers on the floor. Admission is $7 (or $10 for two). Bring a dance partner! Grab your boots and your dancing legs. Don’t miss out on the Fais do-do!!!

For more information, contact Jamie Weems @





March 17- Crystal Stilts, Women, and Los buddies



March 23rd- These Are Powers w/ Roosevelt Noise


March 24th- The Bachelorettes w/ The Quills & Physics of Meaning


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