September 21, 2009


The Jackson Arts Collective and One to One Studios Present:

Saturday, September 26th, One to One Studios will host an evening full of stimuli for the senses. Experience a unique evening of photography, music and dance beginning at 7:30 with the opening of the photography gallery and continuing at 9pm with the music and dance presentation.

5 musicians, 6 dancers, and 8 visual artists have partnered together to celebrate Jackson’s ever changing and evolving art scene.  Front Porch Dance will present new choreography set to live music by musician/composer Jamie Weems.  Photographers Roy Adkins, Ron Blaylock, William Patrick Butler, Mary Fitzgerald, Josh Hailey, Kenya Hudson, Aaron Phillips, and Lizzie Wright will unveil new work in the front gallery.

The event was inspired by the brilliant mobiles created by celebrated American artist Alexander Calder.  Mobiles are kinetic visual medium that exist in space and time.  They constantly move and evolve – never giving the beholder the same image twice.  The music and dance partnership of Jamie Weems and Front Porch is based on composed forms.  However, within these forms, there are improvised elements that constantly give new shape to expression.

The photography displayed in the front gallery will be centered on the subject of local music and dance performance.  Each one of the 8 artists has a gift for capturing the essence of live performance.  Their collective body of work will showcase the unique and evolving range of music and dance in Jackson.

The chameleon-like qualities of One to One Studios make it a ‘mobile’ of sorts.  This performance promises to turn the venue into a yet to be seen version of itself.   A reception in the gallery will open at 7:30 PM with the music and dance performance starting promptly at 9:00 PM.  Don’t miss out on this unique collaborative gathering of artists.  One to One Studios is located at 121 Millsaps Ave., Jackson, MS.

The Jackson Arts Collective is made up of visual artists, musicians, writers, poets, and everyone in between.  Their goal is to increase exposure of artists through hosting events highlighting Jackson’s artistic diversity.  We facilitate events that emerge from our arts community.  Our hope is that the community can continue to direct itself in an increasingly more efficient manner with the aid of these resources.

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