Friday, November 6

October 29, 2009

used_goods.inddJust when you hoped they were safely ensconced in their sepulchers, up from the grave they arose! The Used Goods are back again, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, like it or lump it but ignore at your peril! After a 20 year navel-gazing sabbatical, legendary Jackson pop-punk/garage rockers The Used Goods will sally forth to do battle against excess chordage Friday, Nov. 6 at One to One Studio, 121 Millsaps Ave. Best known for 1982 Big Monkey singles “Drive-in” b/w “Runaround” and incendiary live performances at Skid Marks, W.C. Don’s, Hal & Mal’s, Geno’s Blues Alley and other area rock dives, the Goods were a seminal part of the ’80s Jackson rock scene, along with such acts as The Windbreakers, Radio London, The Flyrods, etc. Founding members Handsome Joe Bennett (vocals, guitar) and Rockin’ Robert Crook (guitar, vocals), with help from long-time associates and musical compadres Jimbo Jah” Richardson (drums, vocals) and Paul “Tuck” Tucker (bass, vocals) will bring back memories of that halcyon decade and kindle a few new ones as well. Security provided and beer and chicken will be available for rent. Show starts at 8:00pm with special guests Signals. Glory!!”


Tuesday, October 20th

October 13, 2009

All ages concert, 5 dollars to get in, 8 pm to midnight,  music from Caught in Motion (Portland, OR),  Holy Rolling Empire (Tuscon, AZ), and the Da Vincis (Jackson, MS)  This concert is on Tuesday, October 20th.